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Why women need a multi tool as much as men

Why women need a multitoolMothers, athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, etc. Every woman who respects herself and wants to be prepared for any occasion owes to herself and ought to have a multi-tool with her on a daily basis.

So let's look at the 3 main reasons:

1. DIY projects

From single tasks like opening a box, changing the batteries in a toy, cutting an apple to feed your child or fixing a bike any task will be easier if you have a multi-tool in hand. 

2. Protection

Apart from fixing things, they can save your life! Just knowing that you carry a small pocket tool in your everyday bag can boost your confidence when walking down a dark alley and aside from personal protection if needed you can easily cut through a seatbelt, rope, even open a closed-door or break a glass. 

3. Find the right tool for you

There are a plethora of models to choose from, different sizes and colors now exist with different tools included to match your daily activities before or after work. You can even choose based on your hobby or for your outdoor activities. So just pick one to carry around daily and you will thank me later. 

As a woman, your life is as exciting and adventurous and unpredictable as any man. So be prepared for whatever comes your way. Carrying a multi-tool puts the power back into your hands.

Choose a multitool for you

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