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Why most multitools have a corkscrew, is it necessary?

24 suprising uses for the corkscrew on your multitool

Aside from opening wine or holding the A.3643 mini eyeglasses screwdriver (sold separately, if you don’t already have one), the corkscrews can be used as reamers, to loosen stuck knots, as an extension of the ballpoint pen, to remove the rawlplugs from the wall, to hold a boiled corncob or even screwed into a tree trunk/branch as a hanging point…

Below you can find a list of 24 different uses for the corkscrew on your multitool

  1. Opens corked bottles
  2. Untie knots.
  3. Pry the battery out of a cell phone.
  4. Screw it into a wall and hang your coat on.
  5. Staple remover.
  6. Bicycle tire valve tool.
  7. Holds the micro screwdriver.
  8. Pick gravel out of tires.
  9. Rip open a blister package.
  10. Ice pick.
  11. Mark a pilot hole.
  12. Clean mud out of shoe soles.
  13. Knot the end of a cord. Thread it through the corkscrew. Handle.
  14. Pop balloons
  15. Aides in sewing.
  16. Clean mud out of sprinkler heads.
  17. Pulls the drain plug out of a tub.
  18. Open the corkscrew and screw it tightly into a broomstick-thickness stick. Now 19 .open the blade. Tie it securely. Survival spear for fishing.
  19. Pull frozen shoestrings tight, or help loosen them.
  20. Help get the innards out of a squirrel.
  21. Gets the candle stub out of a candle holder.
  22. Remove the fuel filter from a lawnmower.
  23. O-ring remover for your flashlights
  24. Undo zip ties without breaking them.

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