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We have selected the best alternatives to single-use plastic.

1 re-usable bottle = 167 plastic water bottles
A single plastic bottle can take 450 years to biodegrade
By 2050 we could have more plastic in the ocean than fish

You have heard the negative impact of plastic on our environment no need for me to share more ...

So the question is as individuals what can we do? The answer to this question is easy

Say goodbye to single-use water bottles and coffee mugs, and replace them with a new, sustainable and – not unimportant – stylish alternative.

Get your reusable bottle today and start refilling it! With one simple act, you can already reduce your environmental impact.

The team at Voyager-shop has selected the best alternatives to single-use plastic. Practical, stylish, and of the best quality so they can last a lifetime and keep you hydrated for years to come. For your morning coffee or tea, in the move or at the office, in the gym, or up the mountain we have a wide variety for you to choose from so you can be sure that you will enjoy your beverage and stay hydrated while doing your part to save the planet!

So follow the link --> here and choose now the reusable water bottle or thermal mug to satisfy your needs.

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