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my selection of the 3 best looking blades for EDC knife

Knives are probably the oldest tool and still today it’s the tool we use more often than any other. At voyager-shop I encounter a lot of different types of customers who often show me their preferred everyday carry knife. And I am not referring to knives used by survival enthusiasts or those who want to carry a knife to feel safe in case 3rd-word war starts. I am also not going to concentrate on knives used to save the day, god forbid you find yourself in an emergency situation.

My aim is not to propose an everyday carry knife for people who are actually using one on a daily basis due to their profession, for example, electricians, sailors, police officers etc. So, for a couple of months now, I ask people what they carry and I get so many different responses. Although uses vary a lot for each individual, which means to actually pick one knife as the best to have with you is impossible. But on the other hand, all of us carrying an EDC (everyday carry) knife use it for the same purposes, more or less that is…

To open a package, as a bottle opener, peel a fruit, as an envelope/letter opener, clean a gum that stuck on your shoe, cut a tie wrap from your kid’s new toy, remove a set of old batteries or cut a rope. You get the picture…

However, the feelings associated when you EDC a knife, are usually the same. There are 3 main feelings associated to your EDC knife, these are:

1. feeling prepared and well equipped

2. feeling safe

3. cause it’s beautiful

It really goes down to what type of guy you are, your profession and where you travel on a regular basis…I mean the day to day travel to work and the usual go-to place for your weekend escape that will eventually define what type of EDC knife you should get plus how good they look.

Since how beautiful it looks will definitely become a factor when you choose your everyday carry knife, without any further ado, here is my list of the 3 best looking blades for EDC knife

SOLO ALOX 0.8000.26 by Victorinox Swiss Army knives Simple, high-quality with a lifetime guarantee and durable alox handles

Victorinox 0.8000.26

Slim No8 Bubinga by Opinel Strong inox slim blade with wooden handles.

Opinel Slim

And my personal favorite,

Skeletook KBX by Leatherman Weighs only 37g, combo blade (straight and serrated) and a clip!

Leatherman KBX

Because you were so kind to read through my post, let me indulge you furthermore! Get -15% off any item you select from our store !!! Just Use coupon code ‘SAVE15’ when yLeatherman KBX ou check out at our webstore ( and check out our forwarding charges and find out how you could be entitled to free shipping!Victorinox Alox 0.8000.26Opinel no-8-bubinga

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