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Multitool knives are an essential tool for boaters

Multitool knives are an essential tool for boaters

It is a fact that Multi-tools and knives are an important tool for boaters.

More important is that it need to be of high quality. Quality should be one of the most important reasons to select a multi-tool to carry on board since it is essential for your safety. I think all sailors and boaters with experience will tell you that. A cheap or dull knife can easily slip of your hand or break when you most need it to perform. Do you want to enjoy the sea and your sailing trips knowing that you can have a trusting tool on you that will serve you for many years? Then read on.

What are the main features these knives should have?

1. Well, first of all, they need to be useful and comfortable.

You need to use the right tool for the job. A kitchen knife is not a rescue knife. Kitchen knives can’t be carried on you at all times, they have no pouch, nor a lanyard hole. They don’t fold, don’t resist corrosion, and usually, they have handles that are not easy to grip with wet, cold hands.


A marlinspike is used to separate the strands of rope so they can be spliced together to create a new shape, such as a loop.  This is becoming a lost art because ropes are available today pre-shaped into whatever loops a boater could need. A marlinspike is a valuable tool because it can be quickly used to pry open tight knots.


The shackle tool is mainly found on sailing boats, used to attach sails to rigging. The shackles lock tight, and a shackle tool is used to quickly unlock the clevis.  Sailors who do this frequently should choose a boating knife that is comfortable and convenient because they will want to keep this knife handy at all times.


Any knife designed for boating use should be stainless steel because it resists rust.   A quality stainless steel knife will last a lifetime, but it should still be periodically oiled to protect and maintain the knife.


Serrated blades are useful for cutting ropes safely. It is important to remember that a sharp knife is a safe knife. Serrated blades can be hard to sharpen but the Victorinox Sharpy does a great job maintaining the cutting edge of your serrated blade. Check it out here

Our Selection of the 5 best knives and multitools for all sea lovers

All these knives are made of quality, stainless steel and have unique features that will serve the needs of every sailor or fisherman.

1. The Opinel Outdoor Knife no8

We like it because it is designed for sporting activities in the sea or the mountain. The 2.5mm thick stainless steel blade measures 85mm long with around half of the length serrated to cut through ropes with ease. It has a shackle key on the blade and a whistle built in the ergonomically designed grip

Priced at 25.80€ we think it is the best value for money knife!

2. Victorinox Skipper with 18 different tools

EVERYONE should own a Swiss Army Knife. It is backed up by a Life-time warranty. Victorinox is a well-known brand with innovative design and they did a great job designing the Skipper models when it was commissioned by the Navy. When buying a Victorinox it is certain that whatever tool you are buying it is worth it!

The “regular” Skipper model is a great option for sailing or on a small family-sized sailboat. While the Skipper was designed for sailing, any boater or fisherman will find it useful as a convenient multi-tool thanks to it's 18 different functions that include a shackle and marlinspike.

The knife features a 111mm serrated blade with liner-lock safety which you can operate it with one hand only, so you can keep a firm grip on the boat with your other hand.

In addition to the serrated blade, the Skipper features precision pliers that are great for manipulating safety pins, small bolts, nuts, and other items. It even packs a tweezer and toothpick.

With a price range of around 90€ (depending on the model), we think it is money well spent!

3. Leatherman Charge TTI

There are many different Leatherman multitools that you can choose to have on the boat with you at all times. However, when Leatherman made the Charge TTi, they combined all of the most requested features into one functional tool. The TTi's premium comfort-sculpted titanium handle scales and an S30V stainless steel clip-point knife to really take this multi-tool to the next level. All features are accessible from the outside so deploying the blades when needed is very easy. Who says a multi-tool can't be practical and sexy? One of our more popular tools, the Charge Plus TTi is ready for jobs big and small.

Made in Oregon USA with 25years warranty a Needlenose and regular pliers, 2 knives one serrated and one straight blade. In total it offers 19 different tools including 10different bits! You can fix anything with it wherever you are.

Priced at 249€ it offers so much its a bargain!

4. Victorinox Swiss Spirit

Victorinox delivers a super polished product, reminiscent of both classic Swiss Army knives and contemporary pliers-based multi-tools. With a solid set of features and the build quality, you expect from such an established knifemaker.

Relatively lightweight and elegant form, you can't resist it. The tool includes 24 different functions including a large blade and a saw blade to cut through ropes. Multipurpose hook than can be used as a marlinspike, can opener, different screwdrivers are only a few of its tools.

Each tool also locks into place when fully opened to ensure it can be used safely without slipping or moving, and we all know what it’s like to struggle with a slippery tool when applying pressure

Price ranges from just 155€ we like it cause its stylish, sturdy, and compact!

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