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How to sharpen your Swiss Army Knife

How to sharpen your Swiss Army Knife

The Swiss Army Knife is a very practical tool and features many different functions, so there definitely one for you, they are well-known for their outstanding quality. However, after repeated use, the blade of the knife can lose its sharpness, Victorinox's knives, despite their higher quality, are no exception to this rule. As a result, their cutting edge and effectiveness will deteriorate over time and can actually make the knife more dangerous to use. Fortunately, sharpening a Swiss Army Knife, or indeed any pocket knife is relatively easy and inexpensive, especially with when done correctly.

How to sharpen your Swiss Army Knife, follow the steps below:

1. Clean the knife thoroughly.

You don't want any dirt or grease on the blade before you sharpen it since it may result in an uneven sharpening of your knife.
Tip. Sharpening the blade will be easier if you briefly put the cold blade into boiling water, right before you begin sharpening it

2. Select the appropriate sharpening tool.

There are numerous types of files and sharpeners on the market.
These different tools will give you slightly different results. We recommend using a Victorinox knife sharpener which you can buy here, specifically for the purpose of sharpening Swiss Army Knives.

3. Don't forget to Dry the blade. 

Wipe the blade on a towel or clean rag to remove any lubricant and metal fragments from the sharpening process

4. Check the sharpness.

Once you think you're done sharpening the knife, check to see if the blade is sharp. There are several ways to do this. The easiest way is to cut some paper. A razor-sharp blade will easily cut right through.

Finally, if you want to add a little oil for tools like the WT-40, we recommend using Victorinox's specially designed multi-purpose oil as it's composition is ideal for Victorinox knives. The benefits of using the multi-tool lubrication oil are mainly to keep it in excellent condition for many years and to protect it against abrasion and corrosion, it is neutral to odor and taste and suitable to use with foods.

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