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Get used to Carrying a Pocket Knife

I remember other young kids being in awe when I showed it to them. Summer fishing with my dad and uncle, I was prepared with my Victorinox in hand…Winter skiing, that is another perfect fit for a Swiss Army Knife, then camping and so on. Even as a banker (for a small period in my life) my pocket tool came handy when opening letters or cutting with style the price tag off my new tie!

Others never really understood what it could be used for and why I always had one with me, but every time I had to use it, they were impressed.

As I got older and wiser I had no doubt that a pocket knife is an essential every day carry item, and probably that is why I love my pocket tool.

However, nowadays you have to be wise and careful where you go with it in your pocket.

People and authorities tend to see it as a “weapon” in your pocket. Of course, a knife can be a weapon, but as an everyday carry, it is always a tool. And to be honest, never heard of a mass murderer/or bank robber using a pocket tool.

I feel comfortable and at ease when I have it on me, and I feel it is equally important with having my smartphone fully charged. When you get used to it and start appreciating its usefulness you will have it on the top of your list with everyday carry items, just like your mobile phone.

Find the one that suits you, and let yourself become a man again. From my personal perspective although one can do the job for you I have a couple that I interchange depending on my mood or destination.

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