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Cutlery FAQ

How do I recognise an original VICTORINOX household and professional knife?
The VICTORINOX eagle emblem on the blade signifies an original knife.
The eagle emblem is a registered trademark of VICTORINOX and has featured on the blades of professional knives since 1926.

What cutting angle should I choose when sharpening a knife?
The kind of edge applied to a blade is responsible for the sharpness and durability of it. The angle should be between 30 - 40°.

What in particular should I watch out for when sharpening?
When resharpening/regrinding, plenty of water must be used to prevent overheating or even burning of the blade during the sharpening process. It is only a question of time until alterations in the structure of the steel, can lead to affecting the hardness, corrosion, flaws and ultimately to breakage.

What does stainless mean?
Stainless steel has a high resistant to corrosion. The steel is tempered, annealed and polished to achieve the necessary hardness and provide optimum resistance to corrosion. If stainless steel products are not cleaned over a long period of time, aggressive substances (fruit acids, salt water etc.) are able to act on (corrode) the material.

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