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How to Reduce Cabin Pressure…and other ”keep it cool” tips for business travel.

You’re running through the airport to catch your flight to London. Once on board, you have two hours to check your numbers, review your charts, and practice your speech. Then it’s hit the ground running again to make your meeting. If you’re lucky when it’s over you’ll get to spend a few hours sleeping in a hotel. If you’re not, you’ll be on another flight to another city for another presentation.

Enter the true meaning of cabin pressure.

Traveling on business is never easy. Your mind is so preoccupied with the business part that there never is time to think about the traveling part. That’s where the little things you do can make the difference between a smooth ride and a bumpy trip.

The most important piece to have the right laptop bag to keep you as organized on the plane as it does in the conference room. A comfortable shoulder bag has just enough pockets to keep your files, electronics and odds and ends separate, but not so many that it looks like a safari jacket on steroids. Choose one that has the added benefit of protective padding if dropped or awkwardly stuffed into a less than inviting compartment. Don’t forget to pack your business cards!

Look for a carry-on that can stand up to the demands of, well, carrying-on. Running through the airport to catch your next flight means you need a bag that can roll with you, one with rugged inline skate wheels and an ergonomic handle that won’t wrench your shoulder.

Keep critical items organized and easy to locate. Use a Pack It® Wallaby II for all your toiletry and personal care items. It packs perfectly inside luggage or a carry-on bag. For small items, clear zippered Pack It® Cubes are the perfect solution. Use one for socks and undergarments. That way if your bag needs inspection, security can see all your stuff without having to actually touch it.

Cubes are also ideal for packable exercise gear. Living out of a bag doesn’t mean you have to bag on your health. A hotel workout complete with cross trainers, shorts, t-shirts and a heart rate monitor can be easily organized into the color-coded cube of your choice. Sorry, no more excuses for why that plane seat belt is too tight!

Traveling for business to London will never be as fun as traveling for pleasure to Crete. But if you have the right tools, it makes the job a whole lot easier.

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