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4 Reasons Every Man Should Carry a Pocket Knife

1. Cutting things is never out of fashion

Almost every day we have to open packages, cut zip cords or peel an apple on the go, not to mention the practicality of having one on you if you are an outdoor type. Usually, we need it handy when you least expect it—which is why a knife with you is maybe the most important every day carry item.

2. It is a practical small enough to fit in your hand Tool Box

When you are on the go and need something practical and small in size you should undoubtedly carry a pocket knife. It has infinite uses. Period.

3. It is a survival tool

Ok, you might not have to light a fire in the middle of nowhere (but maybe you might have to), but you could save your life or someone’s you love and there are countless such stories on the web. From car accidents where it is used as a belt cutter to cutting a tangled up rope. If used to cater an open wound remember to always sterilize the blade with a flame or alcohol.

4. Peeling of fruits on the go

During a walk or a day at the park, a pocket knife can be used as a knife, fork, and spoon. Apples, cheese, canned food, opening a wine bottle or a beer all of these tasks are more manly or just plain fun when done with a pocket knife   

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