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Reusable water bottles and thermos are great for a lot of reasons. First of all, they help protect the environment from single-use plastic bottle waste and they ensure you always have drinking water on hand. You take it to work, at the gym, and refill it again after dinner while watching your favorite show on the TV.

But how often are you washing your water bottle?

Bacteria festers in our water bottles and it’s your job to keep them clean with regular washing and rinsing.

Experts say you should be washing your reusable water bottle a lot more frequently than most of us are and be extra thorough with the opening of the bottle that is in contact with the mouth and hands.

You need to wash your water bottles after every use, or at least daily if you refill throughout the day.

It may only hold water, but bacteria breeds in damp, dark environments like the inside of the bottle.  Micro-organisms, in order to grow all they need, is a warm environment, nutrients like food or saliva and water, that’s all-around your water bottle!

Germs will grow on your reusable water bottles after each and every use.

If you’re sharing, you’re more likely to swap germs. And if you’re adding cucumber, lemon or berries to your water, count on those ingredients to increase your chances of growing bacteria in your canister.

How likely would you keep using a tea or coffee cup, without washing it? Why should your water bottle be any different?

whether it’s composed of stainless steel, thick plastic, or aluminum, you still have to wash your reusable bottle after every single use.

How to Clean a Reusable Water Bottle

You can clean your water bottle with eco-friendly dish soap and a good bottle brush to get into the nooks and crannies. Rinse with very hot water and air dry.

Take your water bottle apart as much as you can. Unscrew the lid, pull out the straw, remove the rubber gasket, whatever looks like it can come off should come off.

Rinse off all the pieces and dry them. Do not reassemble your bottle until all the pieces are dry, or else the bottle could get mildew all over again and your efforts will have been for nothing.

Or, use vinegar as a natural disinfectant to clean your bottle. Just fill half of your bottle up with white vinegar, fill up the other half with water, let it sit overnight, and thoroughly rinse in the morning.

Of course, if your water bottle is dishwasher safe you can clean it in the dishwasher but again you should disassemble its parts for better results.

Because of all the above evidence and arguments we recommend the Kambukka range of thermal and water bottles

since they have a uniquely innovative design called Snapclean technology which lets you easily remove the mechanism to easily clean your bottle (no worries, you can put it in the dishwasher). After cleaning, place the mechanism back in the lid and press the protruding parts down until you hear a click.  Easy is an understatement!

Order Now your Kambukka bottle!

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