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List of products by manufacturer OGON Smart Wallets


Ögon Designs invented the concept of the smart wallet in 2004 and has continued to innovate ever since with a unique take on the traditional wallet.

The arrival of Ögon on the leather goods market caused a mini-revolution.Perfect for men and women, the wallets are easy to find in a women's handbag and fit perfectly in a man's pocket.

Made with aluminum that has many advantages: it's light, resistant, rust-resistant, and 100% recyclable. As an environmentally conscious company, Ögon Designs produces as much as possible locally and bans the use of harmful chemical materials such as lead and nickel, etc.

To ensure excellence, since 2015 ögon products are made in France and assembled in our facilities in Normandy (France).

They stop magnetic waves and protect cards against demagnetization. Even better, all Ogon models are certified "RFID Safe” because by blocking radio waves, they prevent any chance of unauthorized scanning of your cards or access to your personal information.By developing this security system more than 10 years ago, Ögon is a true pioneer in this technology.

All Ögon models protect your credit cards from hackers.

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